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10 Best Office Chairs That Make Working From Home More Comfortable

by bilal shaikh 29 Apr 2024

Home office chairs can make a big difference in productivity and comfort. It is important to maintain productivity and wellbeing when working at home.

A comfortable and supportive chair will help you do this. In this article, we'll look at 10 best office chairs that make working from home more comfortable. These chairs vary in styles and features to suit the needs of different individuals.

There are many options to suit different budgets and preferences. Herman Miller Aeron offers excellent lumbar support and customizable features.  Steelcase Gesture is a great option for those who want a combination of style and function. You can adjust it in different positions and get spine and arm support with its innovative 3D LiveBack Technology. Comfort and efficiency can be easily achieved with the Secretlab Omega and the Humanscale Freedom Chair. A high-quality chair will improve your productivity and health. You can do your work in comfort from your home office.

10 Best Office Chairs That Make Working From Home More Comfortable

10 Best Office Chairs That Make Working From Home More Comfortable

Investing in one of the 10 best office chairs that make working from home more comfortable can significantly enhance your productivity and well-being.

Branch Verve Chair

The Branch Verve is the Branch Ergonomic Chair upgraded to a higher level. It's more stylish (especially the beautiful Coral color), keeps my back straighter and is quite comfortable. 
This chair has only one fault: the armrests are only adjustable up and down. I would have liked them to be a little wider. People who require a wide seat might want to consider looking elsewhere. Branch promised to offer upgrades for this chair in the future, such as 3D armrests or a headrest. But it has been over a year and I haven't seen anything. I don't need a headrest. Branch's Ergonomic chair is a great choice for most people. However, the Verve is a more luxurious option if you have the budget.

Branch Ergonomic chair

A good chair is often one that allows for a wide range of adjustments. Branch's Ergonomic chair meets this criterion. The instructions make it easy to put together in minutes, and you can adjust the chair to your exact needs. The armrest can be moved forward and backward, or up and down. You can also extend the seat out, or push it all the way in. Even the lumbar support is adjustable. All of this is done without a price that's outlandish. There's no chair headrest but you can add one for a fee.
The double-woven mesh backrest is comfortable to lean on, even though it doesn't hold my back up as well as I would like. The seat is made from high-density, firm foam. It's comfortable and doesn't hold heat like other foam seats. The chair is great for people of all sizes. My 6'4" self and my 5'1'' partner both enjoyed it. The upholstery tends cling onto pet hair, and the fabric at the front of the seat is prone to pilling.

Union & Scale FlexFit Hyken Mesh Task Chair

Union & Scale FlexFit Hyken Mesh Task Chair

During big sales, the Hyken chair is often available for $160. This makes it one of most affordable chairs. It has a mesh fabric back and seat that is breathable, it reclines and it is sturdy. Even the headrest and lumbar supports are included. WIRED reviewers report that the mesh on the Hyken has a little compressed after four years, but is still comfortable. It may not be the right choice if you require a wider chair.

Alternative: For a wider chair, the Executive Chair ($220) is an excellent option. The backrest slides into grooves in the seat base. The backrest does not go into the grooves all the way, which is by design. It's odd, but didn't cause problems. The seat and backrest foam padding is soft and comfortable. You can adjust the chair to your liking and raise or lower the lumbar cushion. The reclining mechanism can be a little stiff. This chair is a copy of the Clatina Mellet. I haven't tested it. There's also a dupe by Giantex's sister-company, Costway.
Herman Miller Aeron

The classic Aeron chair is used in many offices because it's comfortable, durable and supportive. The chair comes in three different sizes, A, B and C. C is the largest. You can adjust almost everything about the chair. This includes the arms and seat depth. We don't suggest spending a lot of money on a new Aeron. You can get one at a much lower price from a local furniture seller, eBay or Facebook Marketplace. You can also be lucky like WIRED senior writer Michael Calore who got a free Aeron when a local startup closed shop.

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture provides comfort no matter where you sit. You can support yourself by tucking one leg under another, crossing your legs at the ankle, or slinging one over the armrest. You can also adjust the chair to fit your body shape and posture. The fabric is not as durable as some other chairs that are more expensive, like the Herman Miller Embody. Steelcase offers a variety of fabrics, and their warranty is one of the most generous in the industry (12 years).
Originally, we had the Herman Miller chair in mind as an alternative for the Embody. However, the price of the chair has increased dramatically since our test. The Gesture is much cheaper but has a similar quality.

Steelcase Karman

Steelcase Karman

Steelcase Karman is my favorite mesh chair. It's especially small compared to other chairs. These chairs are great for those who work in warm environments or run hot. You don't have to use the AC on your windows all day. I'm 6'4", but my wife is 5'1". The Karman's Intermix fabric felt comfortable to sit on.
The chair is designed to be simple to adjust. You can adjust the angle of your armrests and lock the recline. The chair does not have a traditional lumbar cushion, but you can upgrade to one during the checkout process. I didn't require it. My back felt supported even after long stretches in the chair. My body was never too hot.

Another mesh chair that is cheaper: Nouhaus' Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair ($370). This one also has mesh. The ElastoMesh chair isn't quite as comfortable (it will feel worse on your skin if, um, you tend to sit in front of your desk without wearing pants). The ElastoMesh seat is quite adjustable and spacious, and it comes with two different sets of wheels. It will not trap heat in hot environments and keep you cool all over.

QOR360 The Ariel

You may be wondering why the "chair" that is supposed to ease back pain, is actually a stool without a backrest. The Ariel 1.0 is designed to target the sitz bone in your pelvis, which helps you sit upright. The stool's base rocks slightly, so that your body is constantly shifting throughout the day. But most importantly, I was motivated to move. It might seem like a bad idea, but moving around is the best way to combat the ills of sitting all day in a chair. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer if you are looking to switch from a regular chair to this one. It was only 30 minutes per day at first, as sitting for longer made me sore. After increasing the time for a week, I noticed that my back pain was lessening and my posture improved when I wasn't at my desk.

The Ariel 2.0 is now available. It's pricier, but it has a more comfortable seat and better stability. I haven't tested this model. Here's a more detailed article about active chairs. After speaking with experts, the consensus is that it's better to use a regular chair and introduce more movement to your workday. Even if this means standing up every hour to drink water. The Ariel 1.0 felt the most effective after testing several active chairs. However, you may not need it.

Herman Miller Zeph

I was ready to hate the Zeph. It looks great--there are many color options and it's unlike most of the chairs featured in this guide. You can only adjust the height of the seat. That's it. There's nothing else you can adjust. It turns out that's fine! The Zeph was designed to fit your body, so the lack of adjustment is deliberate. This plastic seat was comfortable for me to sit on. I didn't feel any back pain after a month. It is supportive enough for my 6'4" frame, and even works as a recliner. I would recommend you add the armrests and seat pad, as they provide a little more comfort. However, the price will go up to $645.

The seat pad is made from recycled polyester yarn, and there are no fabric wastes. It's easy to remove, and it can be cleaned. Although the padding is thin and I wouldn't call it comfortable, I have had no complaints. Zeph's compact design makes it an excellent choice for small spaces. This chair is for those who don't like to fiddle with knobs or levers. Also, I must mention the 12-year warranty.

Humanscale Path

You might work in a corner. You might work in the hallway. You may share a home office with another person or two. You may not have the space for a large, luxurious chair in your WFH setup. This small luxurious chair is a better choice. The Path, which measures 20 inches wide by 21 inches deep is our compact choice (even more so than the Zeph). The minimal design of the Path features small arms that do not protrude. The fully configurable chair is also available without arms, making it easier to manage in small spaces.

Humanscale is a company that has a sustainable design philosophy. Each Path chair is made up of almost 22 pounds worth of recycled material, mainly plastic bottles and oceanic plastics. The many textile options also include Eco Knit fabric made from 100 percent post consumer recycled polyester. The recycled fabric is cool, comfortable, and easy-to-clean. The chair comes in a simple cardboard box, with all three pieces of the chair (legs and seat) in compostable bags. This Path task chair, like Humanscale's Freedom Headrest below, is praised for its minimal environmental impact. The chair is also very comfortable, thanks to the Humanscale ergonomic reclining mechanism at the back. It has a smooth support cylinder under the seat.

Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller Embody

You may need a few weeks (or even months) to adjust to the Herman Miller Embody. But it is worth your time. It's the chair I always go back to, after trying out all others. It feels like a fresh breath of air. The upright position of the chair supported my back and relieved any lingering pain I had from sitting for years in a cheap game chair. The armrests are firmly fixed in place and the seat initially feels stiff. However, it soon becomes pillowy. The chair does a good job at removing heat from my body. However, it doesn't do as well as chairs with mesh. This is one of the most customizable chairs: you can adjust the seat height, the angle and the height of the armrests. You can also tweak the Backfit to match your spine's natural curvature.

Did I mention that it's beautiful? This is one of the most attractive chairs I have seen, with its ribbed design at the back. The surprisingly small footprint is another plus. It's expensive, yes, but I bought it in 2020 for $1,465 and it has risen dramatically since then. It's incredible that this chair feels as good as it did when I bought it in 2020. There are barely any squeaks. Herman Miller provides a 12-year guarantee that covers all parts of the Embody. The chair is delivered fully assembled. Choose one of the Medley Upholstery choices with the graphite finish base to get the best price.
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The right office chair will make a big difference to your productivity and comfort when working at home. Consider the 10 best office chairs that make working from home more comfortable.
There are many options to fit your budget and preferences, whether you're looking for ergonomic support, affordability or style. The Herman Miller Aeron and the Branch Ergonomic chair are both affordable chairs that offer unique features to improve your work experience and well-being. 

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