About Us

Welcome To Haywoods

With our spacious 10,000 sq ft showroom, Haywood Office Services is based in Chandlers Ford in Southampton and has been serving customers for over 30 years. We specialise in the design and supply of office furniture, bespoke boardroom furniture, and home office furniture in Southampton and Hampshire.


Here are the three things we’d like to tell you that set us apart and how we can help you:

We make designing your ideal office or home office simple

We can use your measurements and conduct a site survey to ensure the details are as accurate as possible before creating a detailed, bespoke office or home office furniture design to meet your needs.

We’ll take care of getting everything in place

Once you’ve approved your office furniture designs, we’ll finalise all the delivery details, accounting for any critical dates you have and building schedules for your new home office or bespoke boardroom furniture. We are experienced in meeting strict deadlines and managing your delivery schedule to ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

Our full installation service saves you hours in time and effort

When it comes to installation and final positioning our plan really comes together. All furniture is assembled, right down to the last drawer, and each chair is unwrapped ready for use, saving you time and effort even in the disposal of the wrapping.